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My favourite time of the year has always been Christmas. I get childishly excited at the prospects of letting everyone in my life know how well I know them and how much I love them by getting them the perfect presents.  At some point in the 20th Century, Christmas has been lumbered with a whole boat load of stress for the shoppers and profit and loss predictions for retailers.

I like Christmas because it means I have an excuse to get creative with my presents. It’s more personal, more enjoyable and considerably cheaper to have a go at making gifts. I rarely walk into shops and find the perfect present for someone and on the few occasions that I have, come Christmas day we unwrap to find my brother had the exact same idea. (I have no idea what Mum’s going to do with two copies of the exact same cook book, maybe just burn one.)

Everyone remembers the joy of handing over that misshapen papier-mâché dog or that macaroni picture frame to you parents. The pride you took in making it, and the joy they have now trying to find somewhere to proudly display this evidence of your genius, (maybe in the cupboard under the stairs.) Making gifts for your family and friends was an important part of childhood.

Well I never stopped. I just went bigger. I still make gifts all the time, only now I make them for people I have never met. Shiny Creations was created out of a need for unique and personalised gifts. I also really didn’t have any other option than to start selling my craft creations or else end up living in a tiny room filled up to the windows with Fimo doughnuts, pink flamingos and glue guns, (being an artist your whole life, you tend to choc up quite a lot of stuff!)

I love making items that I know the recipient will truly love because it’s designed around them. I recognise that not everyone has that creative eye or the time to sit and make something from scratch, which is why I offer out my services. Being Creative Head of Shiny Creations means more to me than being my own boss, (which means I get to take Ben & Jerry’s ice cream breaks whenever needed.) I make things because I know that sometimes you can spend all Christmas looking for the perfect gift that hasn’t even been invented yet.

So this Christmas, don’t find yourself stressing out in some mega store on Christmas eve until you eventually cave and just get a novelty sexy chef apron, (you know the ones that they advertise by putting it on a super sexy male model, but then when you see it on your Dad Christmas day, somehow it’s every shade of wrong.) Just drop us an email.

Check out our ‘Order a Unique Gift’ section of our website to find out how we can custom make an item to suite any personality, occasion or event.

Happy Holidays all,


Helen. xoxo

Creative Head of Shiny Creations

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