Order a Unique Gift

So one of the things that makes Shiny Creations so unique is that I offer a totally customisable service. I’m not just talking about slapping your name on an existing product, I mean, you tell me what you want and I will design and make something completely based on the details you give me.

I’m talking about wedding cake topper figures who look exactly like you, even down to the clothes you will be wearing on the day, or a cartoon portrait of your whole family at Disneyland based off of the photos you send me, or even owning your very own plushie that looks just like you or your loved one, with hobby props, pets and personalised items so unique to you, it could never just be bought off the shelf.

And here’s the cherry on top, I don’t want to bankrupt you, so I offer incredibly affordable prices.  Hours, sometimes weeks of work go into making every custom design, but I do my very best to offer you the most reasonable price for your order; offering discount deals when you order multiple items, providing the lowest shipping costs and even free collection options for those based on the Isle of Wight. This entire business began because a few friend’s asked me to help them feel represented through my art for their special occasions, I am so proud that I am now able to do this for everyone.

Cake Toppers

By far one of my most popular products, my personalised cake toppers have added a special, unique touch to over 200 wedding days, birthdays, Christenings, Christmases and other special occasions. Based on the photos you send me, I can recreate anyone in any pose, clothes, with any props, pets or even whole vehicles. What makes this service something I am so proud to offer is the fact that I can include every tiny detail; your tattoos, your hair style, your exact jewellery, any disability, religious item, ethnicity and sexuality, I will hand craft and paint in every little thing that makes you, you.

For more details, prices and gallery of my personalised cake toppers, click right here.


This product started with love, since I drew funny cartoon caricatures of my friends who I missed whilst away at university. Now I create beautiful glossy prints of you and your friends and family in any setting with personalised messages celebrating an event or simply recreating a beloved photo in cartoon form. Just like my cake toppers, I work with you to discover what you want to see created; if you don’t have an exact photo that you want coping, I can create something from your imagination, including whoever and whatever you want in the picture, even celebrities.

To see how it all works, prices and how to turn your pictures into cards and invites, click right here.

Jewellery & Keyrings

I have a lot of quirky, ready-made jewellery, all of which can be personalised to your taste. But if you really don’t see what you are looking for, simply get in contact with me and tell me what you’d like. I can design one or multiple pieces based on your ideas and then hand-make it for you. This is the best way to give a completely unique gift to a loved one, to add the perfect accessory to a fancy dress outfit or to commemorate a special occasion with a meaningful keepsake.

Tell me what I can make for you by contacting me directly: click right here.


Another great gift idea, my personalised plushies start out as hand drawn cartoons of whomever or whatever you like, then are printed onto fabric and sewn into adorable, bean filled plushies. Get a person, pet or personal object turned into a cute plushie in a range of sizes with different patterned fabric undersides. You can already collect a range of characters inspired by TV and pop culture in my shop section, but ordering your own based on your own design means your plushie is one of a kind.



Terms and conditions apply to any personalised products and services; please see my full policies & returns section for more information.