The Shiny Story

Shiny Creations comes from humble beginnings on the Isle of Wight in the South of England. Our creative Head, Helen Michelle Baggett began making Fimo charms and jewellery for herself and friends. Whilst at Northampton School of Art, Helen developed a quirky style based on the things she loved and what people were beginning to request. After graduating university, Helen decided to make a go of it and launch her business named Shiny Creations. This name was in part due to the fact that all of our products are varnished and therefore are shiny, but also as a nod to Joss Whedon’s TV show- ‘Firefly,’ where the word ‘shiny’ was commonly used to mean ‘cool,’ ‘awesome’ and generally ‘good.’

In 2013, Shiny Creations found it’s first retail outlet; Isle of Wight Traders in Newport. This shop share homed many upcoming artists and small businesses who all shared the rent and upkeep of the shop. Shinys swiftly branched out to sell from ‘Forget Me Not’s,’ also in Newport and then ‘Jaschlo’ in Cowes. Shiny Creations became a frequent presence at most craft fairs and events on The Isle of Wight. Shiny Creations products can now be found in a wide range of places from shops on The Isle of Wight and globally on the internet and we are still growing!