The journey of designing to selling.


Every collection starts from a tiny idea that, with a bit of pulling and stretching develops into a full scale project. Our jewellery and gifts can be inspired by anything from a great song on the radio, to the doughnut I had for lunch. As soon as I have even the hint of an idea, I hit the books, (sketch books that is.) I do a rough doodle of the initial idea and come up with relevant words which I then google and search for on Pinterest. This brings forward more images that inspire more ideas. If I can find a running theme connecting the majority of my favourite designs then that becomes the overall theme of the collection, (sometimes the theme comes first and I develop the individual pieces under the title.)

After a final sketch of the chosen ideas, it’s making time! Using Fimo, I hand- craft one prototype in each design; this can take a long time if it’s a shape I have never made before. Once the charms have been pierced with metal, cooked and left to cool I can add any additional detail that need to be painted or glued on. Everything is then varnished to make them extra shiny!

The metal is added to turn the charms into full pieces of jewellery, ready to be worn. Then I deck myself out in the ‘tester pieces’ of jewellery and wear them out and about. Based on the amount of people who comment on certain pieces and ask me where I got them from, I can loosely judge which pieces will be successful best sellers and which pieces won’t work. I also get feedback from friends and family who normally get first orders in before the collection has even launched.

The second round of making happens after I have all my feedback and my own favourites picked out. I then craft the second lot of charms, making multiples of each chosen, final design. These are completed in the same way as the demos but usually take slightly less time than the initial trial make. Now it’s time to get snappy! High quality photographs of your products can mean the difference between a successful collection and a complete failure. We use a close range focus camera like a DSLR or an Iphone and a simple, pale background for the close up shots of our products.

Next up is the campaign shots. These are usually model focused, in a more elaborate setting with just a few of our favourite pieces in clear view. We use ordinary people for our campaigns, (meaning they are not professional models.) Usually friends of Shiny Creations, these men and women have all different body types, facial assets and truly great personalities. Shiny Creations is all about fun and living life to the full, so we use people who we know embody these qualities to model our products and continue our ethos.

Our photoshoots are normally a lot of fun. Lead by professional photographer Holly Cade, who has done the majority of our campaigns, the photoshoot is relaxed and open to new ideas. We normally have some music blasting to keep the model’s energy up and the good vibes flowing. The result is a selection of beautiful, high quality photos with our products looking great and worn by models who look like they are having the time of their lives. Winning combo!

Then it’s all about the social media. After the products have been priced and a detailed description of each item has been written, they are loaded onto our website, our Facebook account and our board on Pinterest.  Social media has been the making of many businesses; avoiding the expensive charges of print ads and TV spots- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest allow a company to promote themselves and particular products to millions of potential customers worldwide. We advertise over many different online platforms, but we also use print ads, posters, appearances at craft fairs and festivals and good old fashioned word of mouth to spread the Shiny name.

After all of that, there’s nothing left to do but sell the items in the new collection. We monitor how well each product does on our website and in the shops we sell from. But I have found that there is always someone out there, looking for exactly what you have made- you just need to let them know where to look.


Helen. xoxo

Creative Head of Shiny Creations

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