Meet the Team

So to be honest, Shiny Creations is something of a one-woman-band, like… it’s literally just me. But I have had some vital help from some wonderful people along the way. They might not be official employees of Shiny Creations, but I would not have a business if it was not for their time and support.


Helen Michelle Baggett – Creative Head/ Artist

Hi, I’m Helen, I run this joint, or… I’m the chick who makes the stuff. I’m all about adding colour and happiness to this mad world. Things that make me squeal with joy are animals, travel, Chinese food, comic books,  funny Youtube videos about animals doing chaotic stuff, Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

You can hear me waffle on about how I started Shinys in my ‘Shiny Story’ page, but the broad strokes are that I started making things for friends as a favour. Somehow this ended up as a job, but getting to make cute things whilst watching Netflix and eating popcorn doesn’t always feel like ‘working.’ I have worked very hard to learn every aspect of running a business on my own; every design, campaign, customer communication, blog post, shipping policy and social media post is me trying my damnedest to sound/look professional. But this also allows me to craft Shinys exactly how I want it, which is why I often model my jewellery with my friends. Sure, I could pay professional models, but I won’t know them and they won’t know all the unique things that make Shiny Creations so dope!


Holly Cade/Jenkins – Photographer & Best Friend. 

Holly and I sort of started at the same point. We were both in high school when we started our craft. Holly is now a highly respected wedding photographer who has been featured in magazines, blogs and trade shows all over the place. I originally wanted to work with her because she is my best friend and (at the time,) she was giving me a massive discount because neither of us had any money! Now I choose to work with her because she is insanely talented and yet refreshingly unpretentious during photo shoots.  Her mission of photographing people, not poses is exactly what makes her candid photos so endearing. On a personal note, Holly has long been the first opinion I seek out when I have an idea or problem within my business. As a fellow entrepreneur who worked from the ground up, I can celebrate her achievements and learn from the hard earned wisdom she is kind enough to share with me.

See Holly’s work on her site:


Rebecca Lilley – Shiny Model & Best Friend.

Becky, or Dr Lilley, (as she will be soon,) is not just one of the prettiest people on the planet but also crazy smart, which is just like, so unfair! Way back when I first started Shiny Creations, Becky was kind enough to lend me her face as my very first model. She has since gone on to model for me again but more importantly, she has completed her doctorate as a medical researcher specialising in kidney function, whilst I can barely remember if I’m an invertebrate or not! Becky is more than just a friend and pretty face for me though, her work ethic has been a constant inspiration for me to push forward and strive for the things I want to achieve. We attended London Comic Con together where we jointly fan-girled over Manga, Japanese fashion and a big puffy Baymax.


Poppy Rapley – Shiny Model & Best Friend. 

Yet another beautiful and talented friend, (I really need to befriend some ugly people so I don’t stand out so much!) Poppy slayed in my photo shoot in Brighton, she easily captures the fun, free-spirited dork that I wanted to portray… probably because she was just being herself. Poppy is a talented artist in her own right as well as being a musician, photographer and fellow adventurer. One of my fondest memories of our friendship is when we decided to take off on an impromptu hiking trip around the Isle of Wight, where we live. We walked until we got too tired and then camped until we could walk again, we did this for seven days! I know very few people who could share a tiny tent with me for a week and not want me dead by the end of it. The fact that we are still close friends after such a mad adventure is just further evidence of what a kind and easy-going person Poppy is. She has big dreams of travelling the world and possibly forming her own band, which I will be keenly awaiting to stan.