Meet the Team

Shiny Creations relies greatly on some very talented friends to bring you our hand-made products. Having modelled for years, our Creative Head; Helen has been close friends with photographer Holly Cade who produces our promotional campaigns. Helen decided early on that she wanted a range of shapes, sizes and personalities to model Shiny Creations. So she enlisted the help of some friends, casting only people she knew well as the models.

 “It’s not likely to be perfect, size 6 super models who will be buying and walking around in Shiny Creations jewellery and clothing, so why would I want to promote that? Shinys celebrates being unique and weirdly wonderful, so that’s the quality I knew I could find in the people I choose to model with me. I like to be right alongside them as I would never design or make something I would not be happy to wear myself.”  -Creative Head, Helen Michelle Baggett.


HelenHelen Michelle Baggett – Creative Head/ Artist

Helen started Shiny Creations shortly after finishing university where she studied Fine Art and Creative Writing. Using Fimo and metal, she began creating novelty jewellery and gifts that she couldn’t buy on the high street. Requests from fiends quickly turned into requests from strangers in the street and soon Helen realized that there was enough interest to create a real business. And so Shiny Creations was born. Using her love of pop culture, animals and art, Helen developed a style that would define her company and stand out from the others.

Helen loves colour, pick ‘n’ mix, wildlife, travel, Chinese food, Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.







Holly Cade – Promotional Photographer

Holly Cade b.1991, a longtime friend of Helen, is a British Photographer based on the Isle of Wight, who has a passion for photography and has been seriously photographing since September 2008. Her portfolio styles have grown over the past five years and range between portraits and small-scale model projects, to commissions and life events. Her work has been featured in local galleries, magazines, exhibitions and she has won regional awards and competitions. You can contact her at




Rebbeca Lilley – Shiny Model

Becky was one of our first models who featured in our original campaign; Shiny Sugar. She is currently studying to be a pharmacist; when she’s not reading manga, drawing, watching Adventure Time and learning Japanese.  As a life-long friend of Shiny Creations, Becky also attended this year’s Isle of Wight Festival with us as a beautiful sea nymph!









Sarah Brooks – Shiny Model

Sarah modeled in our first Christmas campaign and we dare say it won’t be the last, since she is best friends with Creative Head, Helen. Sarah graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in Biological Sciences and is currently taking a year to travel Canada and the USA. The sure fire way to her heart is through nature, horse riding, reading, fossil hunting and cooking weird food mixes!