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Awesome Theme Ideas for Epic Halloween Parties.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve all got that invite that makes it look like this is the Halloween to end all Halloween parties. You spend hours on an incredible costume, make spooky finger sandwiches, green cocktails and you show up, and it’s bunch of your friends sat around on their phones, with a couple of them wearing capes. No. Not this year! Here are some awesome theme ideas to help you throw an EPIC Halloween party! (Ideas for kids and adults.) -The Walking Dead Chase. Send your friends their invites, assigning them the role of a survivor or a zombie and have them dress up as a character from …

Monstrous Movies & Terrifying TV Shows to watch this Halloween Weekend.

Whether you’re attending an epic party or hosting a cosy night in with your friends this Halloween, nothing sets the mood like a great movie or TV show marathon. We’ve come up with some top tens in movies, TV shows and family friendly films to watch this Halloween weekend. We have created a scale out of 5 for Fright Factor, (with 5 being scare your pants off!) Funny Factor, (with five being roll on the floor laughter,) and Family Factor, (with 5 being bring the whole family and 0 being DO NOT SHOW THIS TO YOUR KIDS OR GRANDMA!) Enjoy! Movies: -The Cabin in the Woods- This screwball horror/comedy came …

Why go to wedding fairs as a vender or visitor?

Weddings are beautiful, but let’s face it; organising one is not a pretty process! The word ‘Bridezilla’ gets thrown around a lot, just because you have an image of what your big day will look like and so far, this isn’t it. With so much to take care of, in such a short amount of time, it’s impossible to put in the research necessary to know if you have picked the right photographer, venue, dress, DJ or band, ceremony, appetisers, florist, chair covers… wow I think I need to lie down. Everyone is telling you that they are the best at what they do but you rarely get to meet …

Summer Festival Wedding

We love festivals; the live music, the dancing like nobody’s watching, the flags and banners, we’re even a fan of the mud if it means we get to break in our awesome polka dot wellies! So, by that logic, a summer festival themed wedding should be even more fun. We created this mood board teaming with ideas of how to have an epic wedding, festival style! xoxo This theme was requested by Codie, thanks for your idea! xoxo

Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas

Have you dreamed of your wedding day being like the ending of a perfect fairy tale? Well, we’ve created a mood board of ideas to create a magical, happy ending theme, complete with glass slippers, fairy lights and princess dresses! Follow our wedding board on Pinterest and leave a comment here on our site or on Facebook, telling us what theme you want us to create a board for. xoxo

Sunny Lemon Wedding Inspiration

    Planning a summer wedding next year? We’ve created this citrus inspired mood board to give you some mellow yellow ideas! Leave us a comment letting us know what mood boards you want to see us make for Wedding Wednesdays and don’t forget to follow this board and re-pin on Pinterest.  xoxo        

How to Hold on to That Holiday Feeling… Even When the Tan’s Gone!

Technically, it’s still summer, but it seems someone forgot to tell the weather. Never fear, Shiny Creations has some top tips to help you hold on to that holiday feeling… even when it’s raining cats and dogs! Summer scents: Did you have a particular perfume/body spray this summer? Most ‘holiday marketed’ scents are there one month and off the shelves by the next. So when they come into season, bulk-buy so you can keep that summer spritz for longer. Or maybe you picked up a certain scent whilst on an exotic holiday; passing a lemon stand in Italy, or drinking a cocktail from a coconut in the Caribbean.  Find a …

Our Top 10 Festival Style Trends 2015

It’s summer at last, which means its festival season! So you can dig out and dust off that old flower head band and attempt to scrap off last year’s mud from your wellies, or you can read this and get inspired by Shiny Creations’’ top 10 favorite festival trends of 2015!     1.  Neon Tribal Nails- You’ll need a steady hand for this one, or at least a friend with good hand-eye coordination. The bold tribal prints that defined last year’s summer have been kicked up a notch with neon thrown into the mix. We love the raving colours of Barry M’s nail varnish range, available at Boots and Superdrug. …