We made this crazy detailed, personalised carousel wedding cake topper for Chloe & Dan’s fun fair themed wedding. It took about a month and required woodwork, clay, fine painting, miniature works and a lot of glue! But in the end, we think it was worth it, what do you think? Get in contact with us now for a quote and to discuss how we can help you give the perfect personalised gift!


Introducing our brand new service, personalised cartoon cuddlys! Just send us some nice clear photos of yourself or whoever you want us to make, along with any details like what clothes they should be wearing, with any props or pets or in any particular pose and then we will hand draw the cartoon version and print it onto fabric. Then transform your cartoon cuddly pal into a beautiful little plushie full of polystyrene beans to be extra squishy! A brilliant unique gift for a friend or loved one, or get your whole family made with all their little personalities proudly represented in these adorable cartoon creations! Only at www.shinycreations.co.uk or …


A sweet & simple DIY project perfect for the summer! Here’s a practical make that looks oh so good as a Fab Ice Lolly & protects your sunglasses from scratches and smears whilst on holiday! If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for more! Xoxo

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Awesome Theme Ideas for Epic Halloween Parties.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve all got that invite that makes it look like this is the Halloween to end all Halloween parties. You spend hours on an incredible costume, make spooky finger sandwiches, green cocktails and you show up, and it’s bunch of your friends sat around on their phones, with a couple of them wearing capes. No. Not this year! Here are some awesome theme ideas to help you throw an EPIC Halloween party! (Ideas for kids and adults.) -The Walking Dead Chase. Send your friends their invites, assigning them the role of a survivor or a zombie and have them dress up as a character from …

15 Movies to Inspire Your Summer Holiday.

It’s holiday time and that means we’re packing our bags, buying new sun hats and slathering ourselves in enough sun cream to ice a cake. But with so many locations to choose from, we thought you might like a little inspiration. We’ve turned to cinema to to find some of the best movies that inspire us to travel or visit a particular location. Here are 15 movies to inspire your summer holiday; Eat, Pray, Love – First we have 2010s ‘it’ film, Eat, Pray, Love centres around a woman who leaves a loveless marriage and lacklustre life to complete a year love trip where she travels to Rome, India and …

Great Date Ideas you won’t have tried yet!

Challenge them to a cook off– A sit down meal might be nice, but everyone can relate to that awkward moment when you run out of things to talk about. Try getting hot and steaming in the kitchen instead by making your own meals together. Even if you’re no Jamie Oliver, you’re bound to have a few laughs and you may be able to gage how well you work as a team, (just be careful not to go all Gordon Ramsay on them if crap starts burning!) Visit a theme park– Run wild like a care-free child in a theme park! If your date knows how to have fun, (and …

Why go to wedding fairs as a vender or visitor?

Weddings are beautiful, but let’s face it; organising one is not a pretty process! The word ‘Bridezilla’ gets thrown around a lot, just because you have an image of what your big day will look like and so far, this isn’t it. With so much to take care of, in such a short amount of time, it’s impossible to put in the research necessary to know if you have picked the right photographer, venue, dress, DJ or band, ceremony, appetisers, florist, chair covers… wow I think I need to lie down. Everyone is telling you that they are the best at what they do but you rarely get to meet …

Summer Festival Wedding

We love festivals; the live music, the dancing like nobody’s watching, the flags and banners, we’re even a fan of the mud if it means we get to break in our awesome polka dot wellies! So, by that logic, a summer festival themed wedding should be even more fun. We created this mood board teaming with ideas of how to have an epic wedding, festival style! xoxo This theme was requested by Codie, thanks for your idea! xoxo

Fairy Tale Wedding Ideas

Have you dreamed of your wedding day being like the ending of a perfect fairy tale? Well, we’ve created a mood board of ideas to create a magical, happy ending theme, complete with glass slippers, fairy lights and princess dresses! Follow our wedding board on Pinterest and leave a comment here on our site or on Facebook, telling us what theme you want us to create a board for. xoxo

Sunny Lemon Wedding Inspiration

    Planning a summer wedding next year? We’ve created this citrus inspired mood board to give you some mellow yellow ideas! Leave us a comment letting us know what mood boards you want to see us make for Wedding Wednesdays and don’t forget to follow this board and re-pin on Pinterest.  xoxo