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Zombie Outbreak Jewellery Holder (BTS Making)

Grab your crossbow and your canned goods, it’s the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately these dead, grasping hands are just here to help and are perfect for organising your jewellery, lanyards or USB sticks on. This is an awesome novelty gift for him or her that has a practical use but a perfectly geeky theme. You can buy this awesome homeware gift right now from our website here: GIMME!

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Awesome Theme Ideas for Epic Halloween Parties.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve all got that invite that makes it look like this is the Halloween to end all Halloween parties. You spend hours on an incredible costume, make spooky finger sandwiches, green cocktails and you show up, and it’s bunch of your friends sat around on their phones, with a couple of them wearing capes. No. Not this year! Here are some awesome theme ideas to help you throw an EPIC Halloween party! (Ideas for kids and adults.) -The Walking Dead Chase. Send your friends their invites, assigning them the role of a survivor or a zombie and have them dress up as a character from …

Monstrous Movies & Terrifying TV Shows to watch this Halloween Weekend.

Whether you’re attending an epic party or hosting a cosy night in with your friends this Halloween, nothing sets the mood like a great movie or TV show marathon. We’ve come up with some top tens in movies, TV shows and family friendly films to watch this Halloween weekend. We have created a scale out of 5 for Fright Factor, (with 5 being scare your pants off!) Funny Factor, (with five being roll on the floor laughter,) and Family Factor, (with 5 being bring the whole family and 0 being DO NOT SHOW THIS TO YOUR KIDS OR GRANDMA!) Enjoy! Movies: -The Cabin in the Woods- This screwball horror/comedy came …