Why go to wedding fairs as a vender or visitor?

Weddings are beautiful, but let’s face it; organising one is not a pretty process! The word ‘Bridezilla’ gets thrown around a lot, just because you have an image of what your big day will look like and so far, this isn’t it. With so much to take care of, in such a short amount of time, it’s impossible to put in the research necessary to know if you have picked the right photographer, venue, dress, DJ or band, ceremony, appetisers, florist, chair covers… wow I think I need to lie down. Everyone is telling you that they are the best at what they do but you rarely get to meet …

Summer Festival Wedding

We love festivals; the live music, the dancing like nobody’s watching, the flags and banners, we’re even a fan of the mud if it means we get to break in our awesome polka dot wellies! So, by that logic, a summer festival themed wedding should be even more fun. We created this mood board teaming with ideas of how to have an epic wedding, festival style! xoxo This theme was requested by Codie, thanks for your idea! xoxo

Sunny Lemon Wedding Inspiration

    Planning a summer wedding next year? We’ve created this citrus inspired mood board to give you some mellow yellow ideas! Leave us a comment letting us know what mood boards you want to see us make for Wedding Wednesdays and don’t forget to follow this board and re-pin on Pinterest.  xoxo        

How Shiny Creations Saved the Day.

One of the many reasons I started Shiny Creations was because I loved making personal gifts for the people I loved. That soon leaked into making personal gifts for strangers. It’s not just the simple act of making a fine craft by hand that I enjoy, but also in the agonising, tiny details that make a product truly personalised. I will often spend days working on a product until it is perfect. Though yesterday I took on a challenge that had me wondering if I had been dropped on my head as a child and everyone just forgot to tell me. Yesterday morning I received a panicked phone call; a …

How to stay motivated when working for yourself.

Being your own boss can be amazing. You can take breaks when you want, you can work in your pyjamas and can sort your own priorities. But, if you are not careful, those breaks can start getting longer and longer, you may find you never wear real clothes again and work becomes less of a priority and more of something you might do after you binge watch a new show on Netflix. Procrastination is the enemy of any entrepreneur and can be the death of great art. But not to worry- there are a few handy tricks I have found help me stay on track. Allot your time-  Living by lists …