Personalised Cartoonifications:

Perfect for a turning into wedding invitations, greetings cards, family announcements, or just a beautiful, unique gift, these personalised cartoon portraits are designed entirely around you.

Have you and your loved ones hand drawn into any setting in a beautiful, unique cartoonification. I can recreate an exact photo, or make a whole new composition from your imagination. Include anything and everything that’s important to you, any clothes, tattoos, pose, pets, props, even celebrities.

I can draw you in any scene, how about recreating a family portrait at Disney land, or standing in the middle of your favourite movie scene? You and your family or friends could be sitting having coffee in Central Perk, surfing on the beach, or posing for your wedding photo.

You can also have a unique message scroll included in a unique boarder, made up of personal items, hobby and occupation objects or simply something you both love.

A family portrait is not complete without your fur babies so include your pets too! (If you want a horse or like, nine cats included, please message me first as this might take a little longer and therefor cost a little extra, also, I might quietly judge why you have nine cats if you’re not a rescue center.)

Family is not just blood, these make a wonderful gift for colleagues and friendship groups too. The price depends on the amount of figures that you would like as well as if you want a full coloured background or a simpler design. If you would like to include more people, pets or large props, just send me a message and I will arrange the best price I can for you to include everything you want. The limit is your imagination.


You will receive an A4 glossy print as well as the digital copy of the final image so you can print your own personal projects such as cards, calendars or invites.

Please see my price guide below, as these portraits are completely personalised and custom designed to your order, the prices are just a guideline and you will need to confirm with me, your artist, for the final quote.

Message me:

Send me a direct message so we can discuss your dream design and how I can make it for you: send me a message