Juicy Watermelon Stud Earrings


Feeling fruity? These juicy watermelon slice stud earrings are perfectly shaped to fit the lobe of your ear, creating a stylish, yet quirky look. Each slice is hand crafted from Fimo clay and then painted with the details of the peel pattern and black seeds.

Handmade Fimo juicy watermelon stud earrings on silver plated studs, (hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.) Weirdly wonderful and on the Shiny side of random! Please be aware that this item is handmade and therefor colours and sizes may vary slightly.

ATTENTION CHOKING HAZARD! These items are NOT edible. We do not recommend these items for children under 6 years old. Please contact Shiny Creations if you would like any adjustments or to personalise this item. We also welcome any inquiries about this or any of our other products.


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