Daryl Dixon- The Walking Dead inspired Cartoon, Cuddly Character.


He’s a fan favourite and it’s not hard to see why, he’s a badass cross bow wielding, motorcycle riding red neck with a heart of gold. We love Daryl and we want to take him and his angle wings home with us! Now you can too!

These collectable plushies are handmade with the cartoon characters being hand drawn in our Shiny Creations Cartoonification style, which is then printed onto fabric with a heat press. Backed with the classic Walking Dead comic illustration print fabric, they are sew together and filled with polystyrene beans to be super squishy and cuddly! Collect the full survivors group or pick and choose your favourite characters. Check out our deals for when you buy more than one in our group listings in our Etsy shop & on our website.

This product is NOT official Walking Dead merchandise or associated with AMC or Image Comics. It is an artist’s interpretation of current pop culture figures and no copy right infringement is intended.

DO NOT WASH ME! Not suitable for machine or basin wash. Do not iron.
Not suitable for children under 6 years old. These are intended as collectable memorabilia rather than toys & do not have a child safety tag.


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