Our Top 10 Festival Style Trends 2015

It’s summer at last, which means its festival season! So you can dig out and dust off that old flower head band and attempt to scrap off last year’s mud from your wellies, or you can read this and get inspired by Shiny Creations’’ top 10 favorite festival trends of 2015!


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1.  Neon Tribal Nails- You’ll need a steady hand for this one, or at least a friend with good hand-eye coordination. The bold tribal prints that defined last year’s summer have been kicked up a notch with neon thrown into the mix. We love the raving colours of Barry M’s nail varnish range, available at Boots and Superdrug.

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2. ‘I’m with the band’ T- Show your support with a classic, stressed band T-shirt. Perfectly teamed with denim or fringed shorts and free flowing, tousled hair.Want to put your own twist on a classic Beatles or Rolling Stones Tee? How about cutting up the bottom hem to create fringing, you can knot the ends or weave back together adding beads and texture.

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3. Khaleesi hair- Game of Thrones has not just thrilled us every week with insane action, but has also completely transformed our look books and brought about a whole new range of style icons. The beautiful, complex braids of Daenerys’ platinum hair works just as well at festivals as it does in Westeros.

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4. Floaty Maxi with a kimono- The ultimate hippy sheek, this look combines a long, floaty maxi dress with a pale patterned kimono. The result; an ethereal goddess, floating by. Finish with Grecian sandals and gold bangles. We can’t get enough of the maxi dresses at boo hoo at the moment, visit www.boohoo.com


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5. Say it with a shine- What festival would be complete without a little glitter? A spritz of glitter in the hair, two lines of it across your cheek bones, or feline flicks under the eyes, no matter how you wear it, a little twinkle says you mean to party! To see it done right look to our fav festival queen; Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine or lovable ‘IT’ girl Cara Delevingne.






6. Teaming white lace with funky pattern-Whether it’s a cute, lace crop top with a pair of patterned, high-waisted shorts, or a white, lacey dress coupled with a nomadic print jacket, we are loving this combo! One half has the texture, the other pattern and they set each other off beautifully.

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7. Statement Wellies- These go without saying for many of us, but each year, new amazing wellies are being brought out. Besides being super practical, wearing statement wellies can transform your simple shorts and T-shirt outfit. We recommend checking out the brilliant designs of the wellie ware house at wellywarehouse.co.uk


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8. Layering up your jewellery- Now it goes without saying, you should probably have at least one of our statement pieces, but when it comes to festivals it’s the more the merrier. Stacking bangles, woven bands, beads and previous festival wrist bands up your fore arms is an instant festival-look winner. Layering necklaces works just as well and if you have your ears pierced more than once, team some studs on your upper ear with some drop earrings dangling down.

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9. Play-suit princess- OK, so they can be a bit of a hassle when trying to pee in the tiny porta-loos, but we can’t help but the love the range of play-suits on offer right now. We particularly like the Indian and African prints, the spaghetti straps and the boho batik designs that can be found in Primark right now.



10. Henna and Metallic tattoos- This has got to be our favorite summer trend of the year. Adding a golden tattoo around your upper arm or detailed henna hands can take you from just another face in the crowd to a head turner. The choice of styles is vast and you can find the one that complete your look, from exotic princess with golden Egyptian temporary tatts,  Bollywood beauty with traditional brown henna to rockstar royalty with silver roses and twisted thorns. These are available in a lot of fashion shops now, but we like the affordable style on offer at Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ShimmerTatts

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So, that was our favorites, what are yours? Share your pictures of your Shiny Creations jewellery and your festival looks on our Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/Shinysonline or Tweet us here twitter.com/Shinysonline  and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to ‘LIKE’ and ‘FOLLOW.’

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