New Year’s resolutions- The Shiny Future


   Hello all, we hope you had a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year’s day!

Last year, we had the main goal of getting our website up and running. Obviously, we achieved it, since you are here at the home of Shiny Creations. But we have so much more we still want to do.  Fortunately, we have a sneaky suspicion, 2015 is going to be our year. So we have planned a jam packed, epic four seasons for all you Shiny fans. But of course, not everything always goes to plan, and thank God, because some of our best ideas have come from complete mistakes!

This year you can look forward to plenty of seasonal and occasion collections like our ‘Eggs and Bunnies,’ Easter collection and ‘With Love’ our Valentine’s Day collection. But we will also be featuring plenty of one offs- small, pop-up collections that will be available for a limited time only and include limited edition products, so get them quick!

We will also be launching Shiny Creations’ very own Youtube channel- The Shiny Vlog, which will feature loads of ‘how to’s,’ collaborations, craft tips, behind the scenes, event diaries and lots of random silly stuff just to make you smile! So be sure to ‘Subscribe’ to our channel and share it with your friends!

One of the biggest changes that Shinys will be undergoing this year is it will be travelling. We will always be a very British company, (we drink tea here and never complain when people cut in front of us in line, but secretly we are plotting their dismemberment,) but we want to see the world. So, as Creative Head of Shiny Creations, I will be travelling when I can, through Europe and possibly further around the world. But don’t worry, I will still be making, selling and sending our fabulous creations across the globe, straight to your door. I am hoping that my travels will inspire plenty of exciting new collections and products.

2015 will also be seeing us expand, develop and hopefully evolve into a hand-made company to be reckoned with! But to do that, we will need your help, so, ‘LIKE,’ and ‘SHARE’ our Facebook page and status, ‘FOLLOW’ us on Twitter, ‘PIN’ our posts on Pinterest, ‘SUSCRIBE’ and give us a ‘THUMBS UP’ on our Youtube channel, but most importantly, tell all of your friends, families, neighbours, worst enemies, pets and pot plants about Shiny Creations! And please let us know how we can improve, what you want to see, what you would like us to make, any feedback so that we can be our very best to be worthy of your support.

Happy New Year everyone, let’s make it a great one!


Helen. xoxo

Creative Head of Shiny Creations

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