Monstrous Movies & Terrifying TV Shows to watch this Halloween Weekend.

Whether you’re attending an epic party or hosting a cosy night in with your friends this Halloween, nothing sets the mood like a great movie or TV show marathon. We’ve come up with some top tens in movies, TV shows and family friendly films to watch this Halloween weekend. We have created a scale out of 5 for Fright Factor, (with 5 being scare your pants off!) Funny Factor, (with five being roll on the floor laughter,) and Family Factor, (with 5 being bring the whole family and 0 being DO NOT SHOW THIS TO YOUR KIDS OR GRANDMA!) Enjoy!


cabin_in_woods-The Cabin in the Woods-

This screwball horror/comedy came straight from the mind of Joss Whendon, (Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly,) and so naturally is quick witted, fresh, with one hell of a whiplash twist.

Fright Factor:  3 Funny Factor: 4 Family Factor: 1



-Tucker and Dale vs. Evil-photo_05

Two red neck hill billy’s are fixing up there dream home in the woods when a series of unfortunate misunderstandings cause them to fight for their lives against a group of collage spring breakers.

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 5 Family Factor: 3 (Suitable for older kids.)


Evil-Dead-Poster– Evil Dead (2013 remake)-

This remake of the 80’s classic drops all the silly fun from the original but keeps all the messed up horror creating a perfectly spine tingling gore-fest that will have you sleeping with a chainsaw under your pillow. (FYI don’t do that!)

Fright Factor: 5 Funny Factor: 0 Family Factor: 0



-Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles-download

This fang flick came out before vampires were cool, (was there a time when they weren’t?) Brilliant acting, costumes to die for and a compelling story line make this film a total classic win!

Fright Factor:  3 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 1


download (1)-American Psycho-

A cult classic for it’s well placed black humour and clever directing that suggests the horrors of Patrick Bateman’s crimes without showing the gratuitous gore that features heavily in the original novel, (of the same name.)

Fright Factor:  4 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 0



The film that spawned a thousand sequels! (What are they on now, like 9 or something?) There’s a reason this story has been reused over and over… it’s good. The low budget first Saw movie isn’t perfect, but it does its job of scaring the pants off of you and nurturing your already existing fear of puppets.

Fright Factor:  4 Funny Factor: 0 Family Factor: 0



I’m not a big fan of modern day horror, mostly because the storylines are simply replaced with a lot of blood and guts. This movie changed my mind about the genre. With an intentionally slow unveiling plot and enough jump scares to have you seriously considering a pace maker, this is one to watch for a good scare.

Fright Factor: 5 Funny Factor: 0 Family Factor: 0 (Please don’t show this to your kids.)


-Shaun of the Dead-Shaun-of-the-Dead-Poster

If you have a group of friends round, or a slightly older family, this is the movie. British humour at its best is one of the many reasons why we love Shaun of the Dead. Shaun is as desperate to repair his relationship whilst he navigates through his hometown, now overrun with zombies.

Fright Factor:  1 Funny Factor: 5 Family Factor: 4 (Suitable for older kids.)


Van_Helsing_poster-Van Helsing-

Van Helsing tracks down earth’s monsters and demons and slays them, that is until he meets a particular undead who won’t die; Dracula. I’d call this movie ‘my first horror,’ introduction for tweens. The horror is fairly mild with no gore, but I would be more concerned about the PG-13 rated sexy-time that may want to cover the kids eyes for.

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 3 (Suitable for older kids.)


-The Evil Dead (1981 Original)-500full

This is not a comedy, but whilst the story remains solid, some of the effects have not stood the test of time and so are somewhat comical. If you are looking for a terrifying night, watch the 2013 remake, but don’t avoid the original! Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are a match made in heaven to create this horror from hell! It’s a classic for a reason, watch it.

Fright Factor: 4 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 0


TV Shows:

91gPC9a3adL._SL1500_-The Walking Dead-

A rag tag group of survivors lead by ex-cop Rick Grimes, must fight against the un-dead and those who wish them dead. This massively successful show is proof that comic books are great source material. Be warned there’s six series and a spin-off show so far so start your marathon now and you may be done before Christmas.

Fright Factor: 4 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 1



Another comic book adaptation, this long anticipated cop show with a twist follows the devil after he quits hell and tries to solve crime in modern day LA. The first episode is out now and I have a feeling the rest of the season will live up to the hype.

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 4 Family Factor: 3


MV5BNzI2MTkzMTk1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjk1MjM4NjE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_-Wicked City-

Sex, drugs, murder and the soundtrack of the 80’s, who could ask for more in a show? What’s that, you want more? Well what if I told you sexy Brit Ed Westwick stars in Wicked City? Now you’re interested, and you should be. This new show promises to be gripping and challenging.

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 1


– True Blood-


This show is a great binge watch, with seven complete seasons and a constant stream of mild horror, super-hot vampires and never… ending… CLIFFHANGERS! Sookie Stackhouse, your average waitress with telepathic abilities, an ancient family secret, the beauty of Anna Paquin and a can-do attitude has her life turned upside down when she falls in love with Vampire Bill. Family warning- the frequent, graphic sex scenes and nudity in this show are enough to make Belle de Jour blush!

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 1


Buffy_Season_(1)-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-

I grew up on this show and it remains one of my all-time favourites. This show was born when creator, Joss Whedon, felt sorry for the pretty blonde girl who always got killed in horror movies. So this time, the pretty blond girl is a super strong vampire hunter who kicks hells ass!

Fright Factor: 2 Funny Factor: 4 Family Factor: 3


-Being Human-51qow4KCbvL

This BBC drama started off beautifully, but sadly the quality trails off towards the end and after a casting change up. But the early seasons are still well worth a watch. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost attempt to maintain normal human lives by moving in together.

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 2


download (2)-Fear the Walking Dead-

AMC was just having too much fun with the Walking Dead that they decided to create Fear the Walking Dead, a spin off show that acts as a refresher as to what went down at the start of the outbreak. In the Walking Dead, we see the post-apocalyptic world that Grimes was woken up to; this new show takes a look at LA just as the world begins to fall apart, with completely new characters to root for.

Fright Factor: 4 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 1



Another cop show meets mild horror and …fairy tales? Sounds stupid, but this blend of same old pattern show mixed with the monsters of your childhood is actually kind of great. Currently on its fifth season, Grimm is the story of homicide detective Nick after discovering he has adopted the powers of his ancestors to detect and fight demons.

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 3



Ever thought you’d be rooting for the serial killer? Well this one’s a good serial killer, (sort of,) in that he only hunts and kills other murderers, despite having a cop sister, cop friends, working as a forensic for the cops and the ghost of his dead cop father constantly telling him how to live his life. Jeez. It kinda makes you lose faith in the Miami Police for not noticing that Doughnut Dexter was bumping off their most wanted list.

Fright Factor: 4 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 0


-Jekyll –51aTa87joEL

James Nesbitt charms us as the mild mannered Tom Jackman and creeps the heck out of us as the murderous Mr Hyde. The modern day story introduces Tom as the only living descendant of the original Dr Jekyll who unfortunately has passed down Hyde as a genetic infliction. Refreshingly thrilling with a healthy amount of heart pounding and heart ache.

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 1


Frights for the Family-

images (1)-The Corpse Bride-

Tim Burton is back with his puppets and another family friendly horror story. There’s more fun than fright in this movie when Victor, accidently marries a corpse who rises from the dead, ready to start her afterlife with him. This is a visually beautiful musical that subtly deals with love and death.

Fright Factor:  1 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 4



-Nightmare before Christmas-The_nightmare_before_christmas_poster

This is a cult classic amongst many young adults but could be fun more mature children too. The king of Halloween is board and, after discovering the magic of Christmas attempt to spread season joy to all. The chaos that ensues is colourful, musical and weirdly optimistic.  Some scenes may be a little too frightening for young children.

Fright Factor:  2 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 2


hocus-pocus-movie-poster-16191-Hocus Pocus –

No need to fear this one, Disney was on call to make sure this 90’s movie was the right amount of scary for the family. A group of kids, and a talking cat must stop a trio of witches from taking over their town on Halloween.

Fright Factor:  2 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 4



-Harry Potter-harry_potter_and_the_sorcerers_stone_poster5

There is no time of year when watching any of the Harry Potter movies isn’t appropriate. The wildly popular books spawned the insanely popular movies, which produced the theme park, the memorabilia, the weirdos in the park running around with brooms between their legs. You get my point. People love this story because it is, for lack of a better word, magical.

Fright Factor: 2 Funny Factor: 4 Family Factor: 5



Based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman this animated movie will seriously have you wondering, is this supposed to be for kids or adults. This story of a young girl who discovers an idealised, parallel version of her own life with a sinister undertone cleverly straddles the genres and age groups making it just about class as a family movie, but be aware some scenes may be too disturbing for young children, perhaps  just freak your teenagers out with this one!

Fright Factor: 3 Funny Factor: 1 Family Factor: 2



A teenage girl befriends a friendly ghost and tolerates his three mean ghost uncles. This is an unusual Cinderella story with the dearly departed. Good family fun, with nothing really to watch out for except Christina Ricci’s giant head!

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 5




-The Addams Family-

Christina Ricci is beautifully freaky once again as a member of The Addams Family. Con artists looking for a big score come unstuck when their target is the macabre Addams family. This comedy is almost pantomime in its absurd humour and visual spectacular. Fun for the whole freaky family.

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 4



-Ghostbusters-download (3)

It’s Halloween, in your neighbourhood, what you gonna watch? GHOSTBUSTERS! Quick, before the remake ruins it for all of us, revisit this classic comedy about three mad scientists turned ghost hunters and then try desperately for the next two months to get the theme song out of your head.

Fright Factor:  1 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 4




-The Witches-

Based on my favourite book, EVER, by Roald Dahl, The Witches 90’s adaptation features the magic of Jim Henson, (The Muppets,) which bring the twisted tale to life. Suitably scary for the children but make sure you read the book to them too, what other story has the main character turned into a mouse half way through? Genius!

Fright Factor: 2 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 4


-Edward Scissor Hands-images (2)

Another slightly more mature family movie, this strange comedy is often referred to as one of Johnny Depp’s finest roles. A man is created by a scientist who tragically dies before he can finish his creation, leaving Edward with scissors for hands. Despite his naïve and gentle manner,   Edward constantly collides with the most difficult of situations- suburban life. There’s no denying this movie is classily Tim Burton-y weird, but also charmingly creative.

Fright Factor: 1 Funny Factor: 3 Family Factor: 3


Labyrinth_ver2– Labyrinth –

Really needs no introduction, but hell, here it goes anyway; David Bowie is the Goblin King, there’s puppets, catchy songs, a baby, a labyrinth, tight trousers, Jim Henson-ism and a really, really shiny set that I kind of want to live in. It’s great; watch it, love it, Bowie.

Fright Factor:  1 Funny Factor: 2 Family Factor: 3

So there’s a few ideas, what ones did we miss? Let us know what you watched in the comments and don’t forget to share your photos with us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Happy Halloween everyone! xoxo


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