How to Hold on to That Holiday Feeling… Even When the Tan’s Gone!

Technically, it’s still summer, but it seems someone forgot to tell the weather. Never fear, Shiny Creations has some top tips to help you hold on to that holiday feeling… even when it’s raining cats and dogs!

  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (2)Summer scents: Did you have a particular perfume/body spray this summer? Most ‘holiday marketed’ scents are there one month and off the shelves by the next. So when they come into season, bulk-buy so you can keep that summer spritz for longer.

Or maybe you picked up a certain scent whilst on an exotic holiday; passing a lemon Pina Colada Sticker Sheet - Copystand in Italy, or drinking a cocktail from a coconut in the Caribbean.  Find a drug store brand perfume, spray or shampoo that has the key scent you are looking for and each time you use it, those wanderlust memories will come flooding back to you.

  1. Shiny blog illustrations - CopyPina Colada Sticker Sheet - Copy (2)Through a themed party: So what if you are due to go back to work next week? A tropical beach or shipwrecked themed party can help you prolong that holiday free spirit. Have your guests dress up, arrange exotic cocktails and roast something in a good old fashioned luau. Have a second holiday, without ever leaving your house!
  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - CopyCreate a travel scrapbook:  You’ve got your pictures printed and you’ve deleted the forty photos you took of the floor whilst trying to take the perfect ‘flip flop selfie.’ Now relive it by arranging your favourite PWGW Illustrations 2 - Copy - Copy (2)snaps in a beautiful holiday album, complete with captions, illustrations and stickers. Keeping a little travel diary is also a great way to jump back into your holiday with the turn of a page.
  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (3)Look the part: Tans fade, the shorts and skirts weather ends and those sun kissed highlights in your hair begin to darken to their default colour. Actively adding colour to your wardrobe can help stave off that grey morning misery. Adding some leggings and a kimono can allow you to wear your cotton sundress a little longer.

Whilst we would advise you to stay away from sun beds, a little tinted moisturiser can keep your healthy glow going just that little bit longer.


  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (6)downloadGet a summer playlist: Every year there seems to be one great song that encapsulates summer and gets everyone dancing. Start off drizzly, dull mornings with an enthusiastic dance to that song. Here at Shiny Creations, we love James Bay’s ‘Hold Back the River,’ guaranteed to start your day with a smile.


  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (4)Exotic dining: The summer holiday is amazing, not just for your mind but also for your stomach. Just because you’re back home, doesn’t mean you need to slip back into microwave ready meals eaten in front of the TV. Download some new, more exotic recipes or enrol in a foreign food cooking class at your local college. You’ll likely be eating healthier than you would usually, and therefore feel better.


  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (5)Explore your hometown: Sometimes we just can’t appreciate what’s right in front of us. If you are bummedPWGW Illustrations 2 - Copy - Copy (5) - Copy to be back home, or couldn’t afford to go away on holiday this summer, make it your mission to explore your own hometown. There are bound to be parts you have never really stopped to experience; take a camera and your best ‘lost tourist’ look and really see your town or city through new eyes. Maybe there’s a cute coffee shop you pass everyday but have never gone in to, or you discover a park you didn’t even know existed behind the bus stop. Grab your sense of adventure and go explore!


  1. PWGW Illustrations 2 - Copy - Copy (3) - Copydownload (1)Make time for reading: Who has time to read an actual book these days? This treat is reserved only for vacations right? Well, when you really think about it, you don’t have to get through a book to a deadline. If you can carve out a half hour from your schedule to escape inside the pages of a good book, you may feel calmer, more imaginative and happier to have enjoyed this little bit of ‘me time.’ Don’t forget, books make you smarter and smart is definitely the new sexy.


  1. Shiny blog illustrations - Copy - Copy (7)Plan the next adventure: Winter can really drag on, and when it’s thunder storming outside, you can feel a million miles away from the happy, holiday feeling. So dive head first into planning your next holiday. It doesn’t have to be far, or even particularly exotic, as long as you go all out. Collect free catalogues from holiday agencies or make a mood board on Pinterest, (whilst there check out our boards! ) Once you have a loosely planned destination, you will have something to look forward to and you’ll remember those grey days won’t last.


  1. PWGW Illustrations 2 - Copy - Copy (4)Don’t forget to treat yourself: Perhaps one of the most enticing aspects of a summer holiday is that the rules tend to go out of the VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310Wwindow. You decide to indulge in the most decedent pudding on the menu, you treat yourself to a little trinket you spotted whilst window shopping, or you make friends with the handsome stranger you sat next to on the plane, and it’s all acceptable because… you’re on holiday. Bottom line is, these things made you happy, so why not do them more often? Have a bowl of ice cream, just vow to walk to work the next day. Buy the shiny trinket you spotted with the spare change you collect in a jar and never count up, (trust me there will be more than you thought in there!) And be brave, make a new friend, it doesn’t matter your age, making a new connection with someone boosts your confidence and who knows what stories they have to tell.


So summer may be drawing to a close. There are still plenty of ways you can prolong that holiday vibe and become the relaxed, free-spirit you may be on vacation, permanently.

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