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Celebrating a loved one passing that big exam or seeing them graduate and gain that degree can be fantastic! Trying to find them a less corny gift to tell them how proud you are can be less fantastic. When my little brother graduated from university last year I was surprised to find that all that was on offer in ways of gifts for graduates were cheap, plastic ‘token’ presents, or nothing at all.

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Seeing your little brother graduate is a huge deal, shouldn’t his present reflect that? So this year, with my brother, Paul’s help, I have designed a few personalised gifts that can be tailored made to be just as special as the person it’s intended for.

These items, which include jewellery, photo frames, cards, key chains and magnets can be made to celebrate a graduation, passing of exams or any big achievement.  Jewellery like the diploma scroll and mortarboard earrings can be the perfect quirky touch to the robes on the day. Or for the gents, the same charms on a key chain or even cufflinks.

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Some of them can be personalised by adding a name, message or date, like the memorabilia postcard or a message pendant. Other items can be completely unique and personal by sending us a photo to base their likeness on, as with the personalised figurine magnets, or hand-drawn cards.

No matter what the occasion, we aim to add that extra special touch.  You can order any of our limited edition Graduation products through this website, through our Facebook account or by emailing




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