Great Date Ideas you won’t have tried yet!

PWGW Illustrations 6 - CopyChallenge them to a cook off– A sit down meal might be nice, but everyone can relate to that awkward moment when you run out of things to talk about. Try getting hot and steaming in the kitchen instead by making your own meals together. Even if you’re no Jamie Oliver, you’re bound to have a few laughs and you may be able to gage how well you work as a team, (just be careful not to go all Gordon Ramsay on them if crap starts burning!)

Purchase this image at a theme park– Run wild like a care-free child in a theme park! If your date knows how to have fun, (and isn’t afraid of roller coasters,) this can be a really great day out. There’s little chance for any awkward silences because you’ll be so busy trying to win that stuffed toy worth less than what you pay to win the thing!

PWGW Illustrations 6 - CopyHave a dine and dash date– No we’re not suggesting you leave without paying, this concept is to eat several different courses in several different restaurants. Try the starter at that Italian place, then move on to the pub for the main course, then dash to the French patisserie for dessert and then take a slow molly down to a coffee corner to round off your night.



Take a scuba diving class together– The ocean is romantic so dive head first in to it! You don’t actually need crystal clear waters in the Bahamas to scuba dive, you can actually take lessons in many swimming pools or at some beaches. Fulfill your little mermaid fantasies and take your date under the sea!



Hire a bouncy castle– If you are lucky enough to have a big back garden, why not fill it with a bouncy castle? Can you remember a time as a kid when having a bouncy castle at a party wasn’t the absolute shiz? Recreate that magical experience of bouncing up and down until you want to vomit up jelly and ice cream. Ah romance!



Visit a museum or gallery– More of the studious type? There is a lot of cool stuff to learn at a museum and bonus, a lot of them are free! Don’t think looking at huge fossilised dinosaurs could be romantic? Where’s your imagination we ask you?




Paintballing– Strap on your gear and grab your gun and pummel your loved one with paint! Nothing says I like you a lot like a shot to the knee cap. If you both like adrenalin, stealthy sneaking and… paint, this is a cool alternative date. Who needs a candle lit dinner? Head shot! (Please don’t shoot each other in the face!)


a young couple buying fruits and vegetables at a market


Visit a food festival or street market– This is great if you can’t make up your mind about lunch, or if you want to try new things. Food festivals and street markets are fairly common in large town or cities and can be an excellent place to walk hand in hand trying new foods and local products.



Head to the beach– This one may be a little weather dependant, but even wrapped up in woollies rather than bikini clad, there’s a lot of flirty fun to be had by the sea. Pack a picnic, or have fish and chips on the seafront then duck into a local pub to warm up with a couple of drinks… or six!

Romantic-DateExplore the Planetarium or aquarium– Imagine having your date surrounded by the stars, or by thousands of shimmering fish. Planetariums and aquariums are certainly a unique place to have a date and can be really romantic. Try to visit on a weekday if possible though to avoid screaming children on the weekend and be sure to check nearby newspapers and voucher apps as many of these places have discount codes that will save you money on the entrance.

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