Policies & Returns

My Promise.

I solemnly vow to use my powers for good. I make stuff designed to delight and inspire people. I aim never to offend, shame or harm any individual or group. Whenever I can, I use my products and platforms to give back to charities I care about; in particular animal and environmental charities. Shiny Creations is an extension of my beliefs as an individual and therefore, will always welcome LGBT+ customers and fans. My company will never use animal products that are a by-product of the death or suffering of that animal; that means, no fur, no leather and only feathers that have naturally been moulted.

Recycling & packaging. All of my boxes are reused from other companies and are 100% recyclable cardboard. Unfortunately, bubble wrap is still not recyclable, however, I try to use the bare minimum of packaging whilst ensuring the safety of your order and I encourage you to re-use the bubble wrap and envelope that your order is posted in.

None of my products are toys and should never be given to young children. I strongly advice keeping my products out of reach of young children as they could become a choking hazard. My jewellery, figures, plushies and artwork are designed for adults who act like kids; please don’t give my work to a baby!

And now for the legal stuff:

Policies:   References to ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ and ‘Shinys’ refers to Shiny Creations. References to ‘you,’ ‘your,’ ‘the customer,’ and ‘the client,’ refer to you, the customer.

Shiny Creations reserves the right to change/remove item listings and website content as we require. Please be aware that all of our items are handmade and so colours, sizes and styles may vary slightly from the original listings featured on this site.  We use a range of materials, predominantly Fimo and silver plated metal sourced from a second party. The metal used is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Shiny Creations cannot be held responsible for any negative medical reactions you may experience whilst wearing/owning any of our products.

Product Care:

All of our handmade items need to be handled with care. Fimo is a craft clay that is moulded into forms from a variety of coloured packs and then baked on a low temperature. Though every effort is put into making our products as durable as possible, Fimo is not indestructible and should be treated as such; avoid placing heavy objects on top of your item, do not completely submerge in water, do not leave in direct sunlight for a long period of time, keep away from open flames and always keep out of reach of animals and young children. These products are NOT edible and could be a choking hazard if swallowed. Shiny Creations cannot be held responsible for any incidents where our products come into contact with young children.

If you wish to clean your item, we recommend you use a jewellery cleaning cloth to run over the metal and Fimo alike. If your item should break you can contact us for advice through our email. If it is a small damage you can attempt to mend it with a small amount of Super Glue. If your item was delivered to you broken, contact us immediately and we shall replace, repair or refund your item depending on your requirement.  Shiny Creations cannot adopt responsibility for item damage or loss after 14 days of the customer receiving the item unless you have contacted us within that time frame, however you can still ask us for advice.


Shiny Creations is unique in that we allow you, the customer, to order a completely unique gift. This means that those items custom made for you, will take longer to make and send to you than our ‘ready to buy’ items.  Please read below, our guidelines for delivery on both types of orders:

Ready to buy items; Shiny Creations attempts to send your order within 3-5 working days via first class post, though please be aware that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, parcels can take longer to reach their destination. Your item cannot be posted until payment has been cleared. We post from our location on the Isle of Wight in the UK to all locations worldwide, so please be patient if you are outside of the EU.

Holidays- During holiday seasons, you should allow for a slightly longer posting time to ensure you receive your item in time, especially Christmas.

Commissioned items; We love to do special commissions but this does mean that our artist must work very hard to complete exactly what you are looking for in a short amount of time. We must quote at least 5 working days creation process for any special order items before they can be posted. You may receive your item before this, but please be patient with our team and be sure to order your item in advance of when you require it, if it is a gift or for a specific event. You can contact us via email to keep up to date with what stage of completion your item is at.


If you are not completely satisfied with your ‘ready to buy’ product you can return it for a refund or exchange, minus the postage price. If you wish to return an item contact us via email within 14 days of receiving your item and please specify why you wish to return the product. We may be able to offer you a refund or exchange if the item is returned to us in the condition it was sent to you in. Items that were custom made for you cannot be returned for a full refund. If you are unhappy with your product contact us via email and we will endeavour to resolve the issue; we may be able to offer a part refund, exchange or adjustment depending on your situation.


All of our items are original creations often inspired by everyday items. Any of our product that resemble existing items from other companies or persons is unintentional and coincidental. Some of our items are inspired by pop culture and may feature characters and ideas featured in books, film and television. This is fan art and not official merchandise endorsed by any studio, channel, publishing house or company other than Shiny Creations.  No copy right infringement intended.

All images, products and text are copy right material of Shiny Creations and should not be replicated without our express permission.