About Shiny Creations

Well hello there you sexy thing you! So I see you’ve found the weird corner of the internet, glad to have you. My name is Helen, I am the Creative Head of Shiny Creations, which is a super fancy title I made up. It pretty much means that I make stuff, lots of stuff. In fact I make so much stuff that I figured I should create a business or risk becoming a hoarder.

Here in my little, glittery domain, you will find weird and wonderful makes made by me and my peculiar sense of humour. If you have a specific idea of something you want, you can ask me to make it a reality for you. Yep, I do that too! We designers don’t always know everything, so if you want something for a friend, a special occasion, or just a treat for yourself, allow me to hand make the perfect, personalised gift that you can’t buy off the shelf.